About Holden’s

Founded in 1924 by Amos Holden, Holden Oil started as a few gas pumps to compliment the family farm on Lynnfield Street in South Peabody. After Amos’s death, Amos’s nephew Arthur Holden Sr. took over. As a favor to a friend, Arthur Sr. bought an oil truck to employ a friend, who had an ice company, busy one warm winter as sales were not doing well.

Holden Oil, circa 1940. In the lower right hand corner is Holden Oil, while in the top right hand corner is the field at Carroll Savage Park at the South School.

During the time of the Depression, Arthur Jr. noticed the demand of oil growing, mainly to other farms in the South Peabody area. He hired a few more drivers to keep the area farmers and their equipment up and running. Not long after, a full service garage was added to the business.

Around 1969 Arthur Holden Jr. bought the business from his father, expanding the companies capacity to reach out to the whole North Shore. By the mid 1970’s, his son Chuck was on board. Chuck brought big changes to the company, expanding the propane and oil delivery departments, meanwhile closing down the garage and rejuvenating the gas station.

Holden’s today is in the exact spot where Amos Holden first opened shop over 80 years ago. As the community has grown much larger around us, Holden’s has remained very active in the community in which we both live and work.
Although Holden’s has physically changed many times throughout its growth, we’ve successfully maintained the same personal approach we’ve always had with our customers, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. Today Holden’s is still know for our stability and friendly service that helped us succeed for over 80 years, and with your help, we will continue for many more.