Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Open An Account With Holden Oil

Looking to open an account with us? We want to make it easy for you. Give us a call at (978)531-2984 and someone here at the office will walk you through the process. For your convenience, a credit application, along with a credit or debit, or electronic check payment form can be downloaded and mailed or emailed to us as well.

How Do I Arrange A Site Visit?

All you need to do is call our office at (978)531-2984, and we’ll send our service manager- a technician with years of experience- out to look at the location, draw up a plan, and give you an estimate free of charge!

Where can I put my propane tank?

Tank locations are governed by both state and local codes enforced by your local fire departments.

  • Tanks under 125 gallon water capacity – commonly referred to as 100 gallon, 50 gallon, and 100 lb tanks – can be placed against the side of a building or property line. The largest group of tanks that are legally allowed to be stored like this are four one hundred gallon tanks. All tanks must be located five (5) feet from any opening into the building and ten (1) feet from a source of ignition.
  • Tanks greater than 125 gallon water capacity must be located ten (10) feet from a building or property line that may be built upon.
  • There are a number of other considerations that must be made and it is best to let us come to the site to review any location.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tank and its location please feel free to call us here at the office at (978)531-2984 or contact your local fire department’s non-emergency line.

Why Get a System Tune Up?

At Holden’s we always encourage our customers to contact us for an annual tune up of their heating equipment. Tune ups prevent breakdowns, and extend the life of your system. A system tune up can also help maximize your heating system’s efficiency, reducing emissions and wasted fuel.

Maximizing the life of your home’s heating system, not having to replace parts, and maximizing efficiency will save you money during peak heating season this year. The added bonus of a more environmentally friendly system, and having the peace of mind knowing that your system is running to the best of its ability, are also things to consider when deciding whether or not to get a tune up this year. Schedule a tune-up now with our online order form or contact our office at (978)531-2984.

Do You Deliver Diesel?

Yes, we deliver both on-road and off-road blends directly to your site and to your equipment. We also provide diesel pumps for those on the road in the North Shore area. Just stop by our service station at 91 Lynnfield Street, Peabody, MA for some of the most competitive Diesel prices out there!

Can I Hide My Propane Tank?

Your propane tank must be open to air circulation, and not enclosed. You may surround it with shrubs as long as our drivers have access to it. You may also paint your tank, but it needs to be a light reflective color.

What Discounts Do You Offer?

Here at Holden Oil we don’t offer bait-and-switch discounts to get you in the door or special, limited-time discounts that expire. What we do offer is a chance to receive a $0.10/gallon discount on EVERY delivery. All you have to do to receive this discount is pay your bill within 10 days of a delivery. It’s that easy. Pay your bill, get the discount. Customers are eligible for this discount from day 1 and it never expires!

We also offer a “Good Neighbor” credit. If you refer a friend who becomes an automatic delivery customer you will receive a $25 credit on your account.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call our office at (978) 531-2984 or send us an email info@holdenoil.com and someone will be happy to help!