By law, when a propane tank reaches 12 years of age, it can no longer be filled. We see this frequently at our propane platform here in Peabody, and with the Fourth of July weekend coming up, we figured we’d share with you how to tell whether your grill tank is out of date.

Along the top of the collar, you’ll notice serial numbers, WC (Water Content, or how much the water would weigh, if it were full of water to capacity), TW (Tare Weight, or the weight of the tank completely empty) and the manufacturing date (see photo above). The only thing you’ll need is the manufacturing date. As of the day of this post, any tank with a manufacture date before 07-01 we would not be able to fill. If a tank is more then 12 years old, it cannot be filled. Also, if the tank does not have an OPD valve we cannot fill it. The OPD (Overfill Prevention Device) stops the tank from being overfilled automatically by shutting the valve when the propane level reaches a certain point. It also prevents propane from leaving the tank when the nozzle is opened and its not hooked up to anything.

On the left is the pinwheel valve, which it is now illegal to fill 20lb grill tanks with this valve on it. On the right is the OPD valve, which is now the standard for 20lb grill tanks.

Their is one exception for a tank that’s over 12 years old. Requalified tanks are tanks that have been inspected by someone who is trained to do so, who has deemed that the tank and its valves are satisfactory, and the tank is ok to be continued to be used for the near future. Requalified tanks usually have a sticker placed on, or have an additional date stamped on the collar that ends with an E.  If a tank has been requalified, it is good for 5 years from the requalification date.It’s a lot to remember, so feel free to ask next time your in with any questions on your propane tank. Be aware when going to tank swap locations, that people often turn in their junk tanks for a nicer one, and that junk tank is often just refilled and replaced and picked up by an unsuspecting person. Sometimes, its better just to buy a new tank as opposed to trade in your tank for a tank that’s nearing the end of its 12 years. At Holden’s we have both new and requalified tanks for very reasonable prices. Swing by today and get ready for some Fourth of July Grilling!


Happy Fourth!

-Your Friends at Holden’s

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