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High-Quality Diesel Fuel for North Shore Businesses

Whatever your diesel needs, Holden Oil can meet them!

commercial diesel fuel north shore maThere are so many businesses on the Massachusetts North Shore that use diesel to get the job done.

Because Holden Oil has been serving the needs of businesses in communities all over the area from Reading to Rockport, Gloucester to Groveland, we understand the needs of local businesses in a way no other diesel fuel services provider can.

We get that our commercial customers run diverse businesses. And we understand that diesel is essential for many. It runs the equipment at your construction site that gets building jobs done, the trucks that move goods all over the North Shore and beyond and the delivery vans that bring customers the products they ordered.

Diesel is also about safety. It powers generators that make sure vital facilities like hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities can keep their residents safe and warm. Schools, colleges and universities, businesses and retail stores count on diesel generators to make sure the doors stay open, and that vital and costly equipment like servers and computers are protected.

Why Holden Oil is the commercial fuel services provider for your business

For many businesses like yours, diesel fuel can be the largest, or one of the largest, expenses. And the quality of diesel needs to be top-notch to keep your equipment and vehicles in good running order.

Holden Oil offers high-quality low-sulfur diesel for your on-road fleet vehicles. And we also have dyed diesel for your off-road uses. Both bulk fuels come with fair pricing as well as the dependable service you’ve come to expect from Holden Oil.

While you can fill your vehicles at our Holden Oil Filling Station in Peabody, we also offer diesel fuel delivery to your job site, and can arrange for on-site fleet fueling.

Contact Holden Oil today to find out about all the ways we can help your North Shore business with diesel fuel services!