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Commercial Propane Services for North Shore Businesses

Let Holden Oil take care of your propane needs!

commercial propane north shore maSo many businesses on the Massachusetts North Shore depend on commercial propane gas to succeed.

Restaurants, hotel and resort kitchens and commercial and institution kitchens use propane with their high-powered stoves and ovens. It offers precise and instant temperature control and even cooking so chefs can produce five-star dishes, as well as high-quality foods at a high volume.

Whether it’s a summer storm or a winter nor’easter, a propane generator can keep your business open when the power goes out. A generator run on propane can run your HVAC to provide a safe and comfortable workspace for your employees, protect essential equipment like servers and computers and protect your inventory.

For North Shore construction companies, propane is a critical part of your work. On the job site, it can run equipment and chargers for power tools, as well as provide temporary heating that allows the job to go on without slowing down. Propane means residential construction companies can build energy-efficient homes that homebuyers want, thanks to propane heating systems and other propane appliances like water heaters and fireplaces.

Count on Holden Oil for propane for business

With more than 90 years of providing fuel services around the North Shore, Holden Oil has the experience and knowledge to provide your business with reliable and safe propane delivery services. In addition, we can install commercial propane equipment.

If you’re a retail business looking for a new source of revenue, Holden Oil has one for you! Our propane filling stations will bring in customers looking to refill their propane BBQ tanks. We can install the refilling station and supply the propane.

Whether your business is in Chelsea or Concord, or anywhere in between, Holden Oil is the North Shore’s leading propane services provider. Contact us today to find out all we can do for you!