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Do I Need To Replace My Heating Oil Tank?

Do I Need To Replace My Heating Oil Tank?

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The average home heating oil tank in Massachusetts will last anywhere from 15-30 years, depending on how it’s constructed and installed – although some insurance companies will require you to replace the tank between the 15-20 year mark for safety reasons.

If your oil tank is approaching that age, you’ll want to watch for signs that it might soon become problem for you (professional annual heating service – which includes an inspection of your tank – is highly recommended).

Clues That You Need A New Heating Oil Tank

In the meantime, keep an eye out for some of the telltale signs of a problem with your tank, which include:

Other things to check out

If you have some familiarity with heating oil tanks, you can check for these problems – though we highly recommend you call us for an oil tank inspection if you have any concerns:

Replace or get coverage for your old oil tank

If it’s time to replace your tank, let us know – we will help you find a new heating oil storage solution that works for your space and budget. Today’s double bottomed, reinforced, corrosion resistant, eco-friendly heating oil tanks are a far cry from the old behemoth in your basement.

If you have an oil tank and want to keep it (and yourself!) protected, consider signing up for Tank-Guard protection. During our regular heating oil delivery, we will treat your tank with Tank-Guard’s corrosion inhibitor, which can protect both above- or underground oil storage tanks.

Avoid costly cleanups from an old and failing heating oil tank! Contact Holden Oil today to sign up for a heating service plan or a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank installation in the North Shore!