Heating Oil

Holden Oil has a full team of qualified and experienced oil technicians that can help install, repair, and maintain your oil equipment with just a phone call. Holden Oil has provided the North Shore with affordable heating oil and high-quality service for over 90 years, and we’re committed to serving our customers for many more. Per state law, our heating oil is now all at least 5% biofuel.

Fuel Oil Delivery Service

We offer:

  • #2 Home Heating Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel for Off Road Use
  • Bio Fuel

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Protecting Your Tank with Tank Guard

Internal corrosion is the most common cause of oil tank failure. Our protective Tank-Guard Program will protect your tank against internal corrosion and give you the financial security of a tank warranty. After you sign up for this program, we will treat your tank (during a regular oil delivery) with the proven Tank-Guard corrosion inhibitor to reduce the risk of tank failure. That’s it- you’ll be covered- really it’s that easy! Now if your tank should leak due to internal corrosion, it is covered by the warranty and will be replaced for free. For more information click here!

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