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Why Is My Furnace Making Odd Noises?

Why Is My Furnace Making Odd Noises?

noisey furnace massachusettsIf you have owned your furnace for a while, you probably know the range of sounds it makes when it’s operating normally. But sometimes, it makes one that you don’t expect – a bang here, a rattle there –that indicates a problem that needs a look from a heating repair professional.

What Your Furnace Is Saying

Here are three problems that could lead to your furnace making strange noises this heating season.

  1. Dust and debris – If too much dust and debris gets inside your furnace (often because of a problem with your air filter), it can damage moving parts and make the operation of your furnace noisier overall. A dirty gas burner, for example, will make a low rumbling noise, while poorly lubricated ball bearings will create a high-pitched squeal. Try replacing a dirty air filter (you should examine it every thirty days during the winter) and see if the problem goes away; if not, contact us for heating service.
  2. A malfunctioning motor – An overworked or improperly maintained furnace motor can malfunction or even burn out, resulting in a noticeable humming or whirring noise. If you hear these types of sounds, call for service right away to avoid a no-heat emergency.
  3. Heating oil pump problems – An oil-fired furnace has an oil pump, which operates quietly when it’s working properly. But under duress, a pump may whine, rattle, buzz, or make other odd noises, and each noise indicates a different condition within your furnace. An experienced heating technician will recognize these sounds, know what they mean, and know how best to address the problem they represent.

When To Call In A Professional

If it sounds bad, call the pros at Holden

Modern furnaces are complicated pieces of equipment, and tampering with them without proper training can be dangerous: a significant electric shock or exposure to a potentially dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide in your North Shore home are just two potential consequences of improper maintenance. The bottom line: when it comes to repairing a furnace, DON’T DIY – contact the pros at Holden Oil.

For expert heating system repairs in the North Shore, trust the pros at Holden. Contact us today to schedule your heating service!