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Heating Oil

Reliable Heating Oil Service for the Massachusetts North Shore

Holden Oil has quality service at a fair price

become a customerHolden Oil has been providing the North Shore with quality heating oil and outstanding service since 1924. No other heating oil provider can beat us for prompt and professional delivery of heating oil throughout the North Shore communities.

We’ve been able to be a leader on the North Shore in providing heating oil by keeping to the best practices that we’ve followed all along. Holden Oil is dedicated to dependability and the best quality in heating oil and service. We respect our customers’ time, home or business, and strive to keep your trust in us. These values may be old school, but they’ve worked for us so far!

Our history of service is why you can trust Holden Oil for heating oil services for your North Shore home or business. Here’s some of what you get with us:

  • dependable heating oil delivery that fits your heating oil needs and schedule
  • an automatic delivery program that takes the work and worry off your shoulders by monitoring your heating oil usage and will schedule a delivery to your home or business before you run low
  • top-quality heating oil and kerosene delivered by a courteous, trained and experienced delivery team
  • Holden Oil’s budget plan, where you can spread your heating oil costs out over 11 equal payments, rather than getting stuck with big bills during the holiday season
  • payment options including EZ Pay, which gives you the peace of mind that your bill is paid on time as it is automatically deducted from your checking, savings or credit card account
  • 10-cents-per-gallon discount when you pay your bill within 10 days of a delivery
  • our TANK-GUARD® program, designed to protect your heating oil tank from corrosion and reduce the risk of tank failure

What we don’t offer? Bait-and-switch discounts for new heating oil customers that make our existing customers have to pay more to make up the difference.

A commitment to safety

On the North Shore, there are many seasonal homes heated by heating oil that are unoccupied at least part of the year. Holden Oil has the experience to understand the needs of the owners of these homes.

We know that maintaining a safe temperature inside the home during cold weather is crucial. Freezing temperatures in an unoccupied home can lead to burst pipes, flooding and other costly problems.

Prompt and professional delivery at a fair price. A leader on the North Shore since 1924.
Fuel delivery lines, the small copper pipes that move heating oil from your tank to the heating system, can deteriorate over time, especially when they’re in direct contact with concrete or when they’re buried or covered. That can cause a leak that is not only expensive in terms of damage, but can be dangerous to your safety and the environment. Holden Oil’s trained and experienced technicians can inspect your fuel delivery lines and, if needed replace them with a sleeved line.

Become a Holden Oil customer today for heating oil delivery and services that will give you peace of mind!