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Propane Safety Reminders For Heating Season

Propane Safety Reminders For Heating Season

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One of the many benefits of propane gas is that it is one of the safest fuels around. But like any source of energy, you need to respect it by taking proper precautions – and by knowing what to do in the event of an emergency.

Steps To Propane Leak Response

Follow these signs and steps to keep your home and family safe:

  1. Know what a propane leak smells like, and what it sounds like – Propane gas is naturally colorless and odorless. But propane manufacturers add a strong sulfuric smell so it smells like rotten eggs or skunk spray so it is detectable during a leak. A propane leak sounds like a hiss – like escaping air.
  2. Put out all flames and sparks – Immediately put out open flames and smoking materials – or anything likely to cause a spark. Never turn on lights, appliances or other electrical items as static electricity could trigger an explosion or fire.
  3. Leave the area immediately – Remove all children and pets from your home if you suspect a propane gas leak.
  4. Shut off propane gas valve on propane tank – Turn the valve to the right (clockwise) to turn off the main gas supply to your propane tank.
  5. Report the propane leak – Contact Holden Oil or dial 911 from a safe building away from the propane leak. After the leak is secured, get your system checked – do not operate any appliances until your system has been repaired by a professional.

Avoiding Future Propane Problems

To keep your home as safe as possible from problems with propane, follow these tips:

Stay safe and enjoy the many benefits of propane with dependable, year-round delivery from Holden Oil. Contact us today to learn more about propane delivery in the North Shore of MA!