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Get Your Propane Tank Ready For The Summer!

Get Your Propane Tank Ready For The Summer!

propane tank service massachusettsAs home comfort appliances go, a propane tank is pretty low maintenance. But there are still some things you need to do to keep a propane tank running properly and safely throughout the year, including during the summer months.

Caring For Your Propane Storage Tank

Here are four things you can do to tend to your tank in the coming weeks:

  1. Clean up around it – Make sure the tank is easily accessible for propane delivery crews by trimming back branches or bushes that block the tank or the path to reach the fill valve. Remove any nests that have been built near the tank or under the tank lid; this will keep our drivers from tripping or getting stung or bitten when they deliver your fuel.
  2. Address any rust issues – Rust spots should be addressed immediately to prevent corrosion that can lead to tank leaks. Once the rust is removed from the tank, it can be cleaned. If you own your propane tank, painting it is a possibility – but NEVER paint a propane tank a dark color. Dark colors attract heat from the sun, which can cause the gas in your tank to expand to dangerous pressures. If you lease rather than own your propane tank, you shouldn’t paint it at all – tell your propane supplier about any rust issues with your tank so they can properly address the problem. This leads us to tip three.
  3. Get a professional propane tank inspection – Propane tanks need to be checked regularly by professionals to ensure compliance with propane safety regulations. NEVER make repairs or modifications to your propane system on your own – always contact a propane professional for expert propane tank inspections and propane tank maintenance in MA.
  4. Fill your tank – Even though it’s not peak heating season, there’s a good chance you’re using more propane this time of year than you think – especially if you’re running appliances like a propane pool heater, propane gas lights, or a propane water heater. To avoid a fuel run-out, schedule a propane delivery when your tank is no less than one-quarter full. Summer is actually a great time to fill your tank, since propane prices are usually lower than they are during the heating season (don’t worry, propane won’t “spoil” sitting in your tank).

Proper care for your propane tank can prevent costly repairs and keep your family and your propane delivery crew as safe as possible. Contact the propane experts at Holden Oil today to schedule a propane inspection, or to schedule a propane delivery in the North Shore!