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Propane Service You Can Trust

Holden Energy: The North Shore’s propane leader

become a customerPropane is a powerhouse when it comes to all it can do for your North Shore home or business.

Why is propane such a great choice? Reliability, versatility and some other great qualities.

Propane is good for your wallet. Propane heating is more energy-efficient, which means lower energy bills. And propane appliances are about 50 percent less expensive to operate than electric appliances.

Propane is environmentally friendly. Since propane is clean-burning, it is listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act as a clean fuel. It also has much fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other energy sources. And it won’t harm the air, soil or water if there is a leak.

Propane is mostly made in the USA. Ninety percent of our propane supply is generated in America.

With more than 90 years in business, Holden Oil has the experience to make sure you have the reliable propane delivery and service you need.

Choosing propane for home use

Propane can do a lot for the quality of life in your North Shore home.

  • While providing even and comfortable heat, propane heating averages over 90 percent efficiency.
  • Water heaters run on propane cost less to operate than electric water heaters, and also use less energy.
  • Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire with a propane fireplace, without firewood, smoke or ashes.
  • When you use propane for cooking, you get precise and instant temperature control and even heating that takes your dishes to the next level. Electric stoves just can’t offer that.
  • Propane clothes dryers make doing laundry easier, as they dry your laundry faster than electric dryers and are more energy-efficient. Also, they produce fewer wrinkles, which means less ironing!
  • Outside, propane can do a whole lot besides power your BBQ grill. Propane pool heaters, worry-free fire pits, spa heaters, patio heaters and outdoor lighting make your backyard the place to be.
  • When the weather turns bad, you can keep the power on with a propane whole-house generator.

Propane’s good for business

Businesses all over the North Shore rely on propane. Restaurants, resorts and other commercial and institutional kitchens use it to produce a high volume of quality food.

Propane also runs generators that keep your business running and your valuable equipment protected when the power’s out. With a propane-powered forklift, your workers can safely and efficiently move materials from indoors to outside and vice versa.

Landscapers can keep lawns, parks and golf courses neat and tidy, with fewer emissions by using propane commercial mowers.

Propane autogas can run fleet vehicles, delivery vans, school buses and more with fewer emissions and lower maintenance costs than vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel.

Why Holden Oil for propane

At Holden Oil, we pride ourselves on being a full-service propane provider. This is some of what we give our customers:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a propane provider you can count on. Become a Holden Oil customer today!