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Propane Delivery

Reliable Propane Delivery on Massachusetts’ North Shore

Trust Holden Oil as your propane delivery company!

propane delivery in north shore maHolden Oil has more than 90 years of experience in fuel delivery around the North Shore of Massachusetts, and with those years comes the knowledge and skill to be the propane delivery service you can count on to keep your home supplied with the propane you need.

With that knowledge, we have come up with propane delivery choices that work with your schedule, your budget and your propane needs.

We have trained, experienced professional propane delivery drivers who know how to deliver propane safely and how to give courteous and respectful customer service.

Options for propane delivery

Something else we’ve learned over the years: Our customers are busy. They want their propane delivery made as easy as possible.

That’s where our automatic delivery plan comes in. It’s about as easy a propane delivery plan as you can get. There’s no work and no worry on your part. You know what else you don’t have anymore? The need to go outside in rain, snow or cold weather to check the gauge levels on your propane tank. You also no longer have the responsibility of contacting Holden Oil to schedule a propane delivery. And say goodbye to having to pay emergency delivery costs because you let your propane supply get too low.

Holden Oil will handle everything. Because we estimate your home’s propane usage using factors including your past propane usage and the current weather, we can schedule a propane delivery to you before your propane tank runs low.

If you prefer to have more control over your propane delivery, we still have the option of will-call delivery. With this option, you’re responsible for monitoring your propane usage, checking the levels in your propane gauge and scheduling a delivery from Holden Oil.

Whichever delivery option you choose, there may come a time your run low on propane because of higher-than-normal usage. If that happens, Holden Oil offers 24-hour emergency propane delivery so you won’t be left in the cold.

The benefits of propane

Propane can do a lot for your home. It can give you even heating with great energy efficiency. On a stove or cooktop, it gives you precision and control that electric stoves just can’t offer. It is an energy-efficient way to heat your water. It can extend your pool season with a propane pool heater. And that’s just the beginning of the ways propane upgrades the quality of life in your North Shore home.

Become a Holden Oil customer today and get the quality propane delivery service you deserve!