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Service & Installation

Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Service

Holden Oil offers reliable equipment services for the North Shore

When we say Holden Oil is a full-service company, we mean it. Look beyond our outstanding fuel delivery services, and see what we can do in terms of equipment for your North Shore home.

Holden Oil is the company to count on for installation of boilers, furnaces, air conditioning systems, pool heaters, space heaters and more! We also can provide regular maintenance to keep your equipment in good running order, and 24/7 emergency service if something goes wrong.

Boilers and furnaces

Whether your home is heated by heating oil or propane, and your heating system is run on a boiler or a furnace, the trained and experienced technicians at Holden Oil can install and take care of it. We can also install, service and repair indirect-fired water heaters.

Air conditioning and mini-splits

Summers on the North Shore are great, but there are some days where you want to stay in the air conditioning. With air conditioning systems and mini-split ductless air conditioning from Holden Oil, you can keep cool right at home.

Pool heaters

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort into your pool. Why not be able to use it earlier in the spring and later toward the fall? You can do that with a pool heater from Holden Oil. We can sell, install, maintain and repair it so you and your family can enjoy your pool even longer!

Space heaters

Is there a space in your North Shore home that you’d love to use, but it’s either unheated or the heat doesn’t reach it? The Holden Oil professionals can help you choose the right space heater so you can enjoy your sun porch, workshop, finished attic and other spaces.


There’s nothing like a fireplace or heating stove to provide cozy comfort and warmth. When you have a propane hearth, you get all of that without the work that comes with a wood-burning fireplace or stove. We can help you with choosing the right one for your home, as well as install, service and repair it.

Outdoor living

Propane can do so much more for your outdoor space than simply run your BBQ grill. It can heat your hot tub and keep your space warm with patio heaters and fire pits.

Service plans

When the installation of your new equipment is done, we’re still here for you! A Holden Oil service plan helps you keep your equipment running well, while also helping to maintain any warranty your equipment comes with.

Count on Holden Oil’s professional technicians for quality products, installation, service and repairs. Get in touch with us to find out more!