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Air Conditioning & Mini Splits

Air Conditioning and Mini-Splits for your North Shore Home

Trust Holden Oil to install, maintain and repair your home’s air conditioning

north shore air conditioning mini splitsYou can’t beat summer on the North Shore of Massachusetts. From days at the beach to evening cookouts, to all the culinary delights like corn on the cob, fried clams and a sweet treat at one of the many ice cream stands, there’s a lot to love.

Another thing to love is being able to stay home in the air conditioning on a really hot day.

If you’re looking for central air conditioning installation, or to upgrade your existing system, Holden Oil has technicians with the skill and experience to be your installation company. We can help you choose the air conditioning system that works best for your home.

Our services don’t stop there. The Holden Oil professional technicians also provide AC maintenance and repair, with 24/7 emergency service.

Are mini-splits for you?

If you have a home without ductwork, you likely have believed that air conditioning isn’t an option for your home because of the hassle and expense of installing ductwork for central air conditioning, and that your only option for cooling your home was the inefficient, noisy window air conditioning units that block light and let in dust, pollen and bugs.

You have another option that can cool your home: mini-split ductless air conditioners. They offer better comfort and greater security and energy efficiency than window units. Mini-split systems are easy to install, especially in older homes, and there’s no ductwork needed!

With mini-splits, you can add air conditioning where you need it, and zone your cooling for even more efficiency. You can also increase the comfort of a room where you weren’t able to before, in spaces such as sun porches, garages, workshops, finished attics and home additions.

contact usHolden Oil’s pros are experienced at ductless mini-split installation, service and repairs.

Ready to add air conditioning to your North Shore home? The professionals at Holden Oil are ready to be your air conditioning services provider. Contact us today to get started!