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Pool Heaters

Extend Pool Season with a Pool Heater!

Holden Oil offers pool heater installation

north shore ma pool heater installationThe cost to install an aboveground pool in Massachusetts can be as high as around $4,000.

And to install an inground pool? It can run as high as around $67,000!

Either way, you’re investing a lot of money for summer fun at your North Shore home. Wouldn’t you like to be able to start using your pool sooner in the spring and enjoy it into the fall?

Holden Oil can do that for you! We offer expert pool heater installation, as well as pool heater repair and pool heater maintenance. And we do it all over the North Shore, from Belmont to Boxford.

How does a propane pool heater work?

As your pool’s pump circulates the water, the water that passes through the filter is then drawn into the heater, where the heat generated by the propane warms the water. The heated water circulates back into the pool.

Propane offers a lot of benefits when it comes to heating your aboveground or inground pool. Propane is energy efficient, which means it won’t cost much to keep your pool heated longer. And some propane pool heaters are up to 90 percent efficient. That means you can keep your pool warm while using less energy.

You can rest easy with the assurance that propane is a clean-burning fuel.

Choosing a propane pool heater

contact usThis is where you want the skill and experience that comes with being in business for more than 90 years. Holden Oil’s knowledgeable professionals can help you select the right propane pool heater for the size of your pool, as well as your desired temperature and how long you plan to use your pool each pool season.

Want to keep the pool party going? Contact Holden Oil for more information about pool heaters!