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Space Heaters

Get Space Heaters for Your North Shore Home

Holden Oil can help you stay warm no matter what the weather!

indoor propane space heaterIs there a place in your North Coast home where your home’s heating system doesn’t reach, such as a sun porch or garage? Or maybe there’s a shed you’d like to be able to turn into a workshop, a man cave or a she-shed.

If so, a propane indoor space heater from Holden Oil may be the answer!

With a propane indoor heater, your space will be heated faster and with better energy efficiency than an electric indoor heater.

Holden Oil offers indoor space heaters from leading manufacturers like Rinnai. We will also install, maintain and repair your space heaters.

Space heater options

The trained and experienced technicians at Holden Oil will help you choose the right indoor heater for the space you want heated, whether it’s wall-mounted or portable, radiant or forced air.

Your biggest decision may be in choosing how your space heater will be vented.

A vented heater vents out the back of the unit, into a vent pipe or a chimney, sending any exhaust safely outside.

contact usWhatever indoor space heater you choose, your Holden Oil technicians will show you how to operate it safely. Some key tips:

  • Make sure your space heater is a safe distance away from combustible material like curtains, furniture, doors and bedding.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended. If you’re leaving the room, turn it off every time.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, especially in the room where you’re using a space heater.

Are you looking to buy space heaters? Contact the professionals at Holden Oil today!