Gas Station

Arthur Holden at the pumps; Circa 1950

The Gas Station at Holden Oil has been situated here at 91 Lynnfield St. since 1924. We maintain both a full serve, and self serve station, along with diesel pumps easily positioned to get your trucks in and out of the yard. We also provide a convience store with everything you may need for a long car ride, or just a trip to the beach. We also are now a registered Massachusetts State Lottery Vendor!

Don’t forget to stop at our Propane Filling Station to get a new grill tank, refill your old one, fill your camper propane tank, or stock up on grill supplies for your next BBQ.

Mobil Brand Gasoline
Full and Self Service
Drive Through Truck Diesel Islands 6 am until 10 pm daily
Propane Cylinder Refilling Station
House Accounts Available (call our office for details)

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