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Condensing Vs. Non-Condensing Boilers: What’s The Difference?

Condensing Vs. Non-Condensing Boilers: What’s The Difference?

home heating system boilers massachusettsMore than a decade ago, most of Europe banned the use of non-condensing boilers for use in existing homes and new construction.

In the US, however, you can still buy non-condensing boilers, which top out at about 80-85 percent efficiency – much less than the 90-95 percent efficiency of condensing boilers.

The question is, why would you want to? To understand the advantages of a condensing boiler, let’s take a look at some boiler basics.

Propane Condensing Boiler Advantages

A boiler works by drawing heat from fuel as it burns. In both condenser and non-condenser boilers, that heat is sent through a heat exchanger, which transfers heat to the water that will eventually run through your radiators or baseboards. The problem is no fuel-burning system operates at 100 percent efficiency; some of the heat produced will be lost along the way, including through exhaust.

In a condensing boiler, however, the exhaust from the fuel burning process is routed to a secondary heat exchanger, which extracts more heat and diverts it back into your heating system (this process is skipped in a non-condensing boiler). By pulling more heat from the fuel burning process, your condensing boiler typically improves operating efficiency by 10 percent more, which means lower bills for you.

So why aren’t all boilers condensing?

Two reasons: First, non-condensing boilers are cheaper to manufacture – primarily because they don’t use the upgraded parts needed to handle exhaust during the second heat exchanger phase. The second reason? Because it requires an expert to install a condensing boiler in a way that ensures you’ll spend less on fuel than with a non-condensing boiler.

Fortunately, you’ll find those experts at Holden Oil.

Our highly trained technicians will assess whether your home heating system will be able to keep you comfortable while operating at the lower temperatures that provide a propane-powered condensing boiler with its advantage. And as with all our appliance installations, we’ll get it done quickly – and get it done right the first time.

Ready for a heating system upgrade? We can help. Contact Holden today to learn more – or to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on boiler installation in the North Shore of MA.