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Why choose propane for your restaurant?

Why choose propane for your restaurant?

Why choose propane for your restaurant?

If you own a restaurant in the North Shore – or if you plan to open one – you’ll constantly be looking for ways to cut costs, minimize headaches, and provide a memorable experience for customers.

The good news is that propane can help you with all three.

Besides keeping your utility bills low and your cook staff happy, propane gas can help you delight your guests and turn them into regulars. Versatile and extremely efficient, propane can help you to:

  1. Create a unique ambiance – Propane outdoor fire pits, propane fire tables, and other decorative features make a visual statement for your restaurant, while propane space heaters can extend your restaurant’s outdoor season.
  2. Cut operating costs – From propane cooking ranges to high-efficiency propane furnaces and propane water heaters, propane appliances will outperform their electric counterparts, reducing your overhead.
  3. Keep your chefs happy – More than 95 of the professional chefs working today choose the precision temperature control of gas when creating their culinary masterpieces.
  4. Protect your food and wine – A power outage can be devastating to the tens of thousands of dollars of refrigerated food and wine you’re storing. With a propane backup generator, your stocks will be protected.
  5. Simplify your fuel delivery – All these features and more can be safely powered from a single onsite propane tank that your propane provider can maintain.

Reliable propane delivery for your restaurant

Holden provides reliable commercial propane delivery for restaurants on the North Shore – or any other business that needs clean, green propane gas! Want to learn more? Contact us today.

You take care of the food, we’ll take care of the propane. For the most reliable propane delivery for your North Shore restaurant, trust the pros at Holden. Contact us today to learn more!